Our Mission!

To assist and develop new markets integrating security and information technologies including but not limited to:

  • Digital Video Monitoring
  • Total Security Management
  • Web Based Security
  • Wireless Security and Network Solutions
  • Information Technology and Internet Access
  • Communication Systems and High Speed connections
  • Product distribution/trading
  • New process/product market development
  • Training and logistics support

To provide attractive opportunities for our customers and business partners engaged in the business sectors mentioned above through the application of unique, advanced processes and technologies.

To become a recognized world integrator in the development and marketing of security management solutions and related technologies as well as IP based solutions.

To provide a vehicle for a significantly superior return on investment to the shareholders of the Company over the short and long term.

To expand market penetration through acquisitions and mergers with potential partners in new market segments like high end Casino markets, large scale industrial projects and mid scale commercial projects.


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